Black Friday Memes 2017: Best Jokes, Funny Photos, GIFs & Images

Black Friday is officially upon us! Stay safe and shop smart on today’s dark date for bargain buys. You’ll be able to buy cool, cool stuff at low, low price…but at what cost, dammit?!

Welcome to the first day of the Christmas shopping season. Yes, I said Christmas. Not holiday shopping season. Donald Trump is president. Get it, straight, bub! He’s bringing Christmas back, b*tches! #DealWithIt

What will you buy for this special day of sales? Will you go out to the mall and risk your life? Or will you sit in your underwear (like me) and look for the best deals online?

Ah well, if you’re going out to shop, don’t get trampled! Seriously…

Better yet…check out the brand spanking new footage of the Black Friday madness from today. People just need those deals! They’re dying for those low, low prices!

Happy Black Friday, folks!

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