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David Cassidy was a major teen idol of the 1970s. He played the role of Keith Patridge on the hit ABC musical-sitcom The Partridge Family from 1970 to 1974. During the show’s existence, The Patridge Family had released ten albums and five solo albums for Cassidy, with a majority of the records selling more than a million copies each.
His publicist JoAnn Geffen confirmed his death, issued a statement on behalf of his family. “On behalf of the entire Cassidy family, it is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father, our uncle, and our dear brother, David Cassidy. David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long. Thank you for the abundance and support you have shown him these many years.”
Let’s take a look at David Cassidy’s most profound lyrics and words of wisdom…

David Cassidy Lyrics: Best Quotes & Most-Famous Sayings

“It’s not about the fame and the money because if you do good work all that stuff comes.” – David Cassidy

“My life has flourished in so many ways both personally and professionally that I can’t ask for a better life.” – David Cassidy

“I was silver-white by the time I was 35, but having grey hair makes me look washed out. My wife and son have both said that grey hair doesn’t suit me because I have a boyish face.” – David Cassidy

“I’ve had a great metamorphosis in my life. I struggled for a number of years because I was identified with that image of the Seventies.” – David Cassidy

“Don’t even say it, baby
‘Cause your words cut like a knife
Don’t even think it, baby
‘Cause I can read everything in your mind

You just don’t know how much I’ll miss you
Maybe a thousand years or more
So don’t tell me that you’re leaving
Don’t you walk out that door” – David Cassidy, “No Bridge I Wouldn’t Cross”

So many raindrops
It feels like raindrops
Falling from my eyes
Falling from my eyes” – David Cassidy, “Raindrops”

“You don’t have to tell me
Who’s been knocking at your door
This aint the first time
You know we’ve been there before

I only call you to let you know
I haven’t seen you and I miss you so” – David Cassidy, “You Don’t Have To Tell Me”

“While my heart stays still?
If I didn’t care
Would it be the same?
Would my ev’ry pray’are begin and end
When I speak your name?
And would I be sure that this is love
Beyond compare?
Would all this be true
If I didn’t care for you?” – David Cassidy, “If I Didn’t Care”

“Ba, ba, ba, ba.
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.
I’m sleeping
And right in the middle of a good dream
Like all at once I wake up
From something that keeps knockin’ at my brain.
Before I go insane I hold my pillow to my head
And spring up in my bed
Screaming out the words I dread:
“I think I love you!” – David Cassidy, “I Think I Love You


David Cassidy Cause Of Death: How Did The 'Partridge Family' Star Die?
David Cassidy Cause Of Death: How Did The 'Partridge Family' Star Die?
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