Black Friday Toy Deals 2017: Top 10 Best Sales This Holiday Season

A lot of us have children in our lives, so we are already starting to plan what they are getting for Christmas. They might be nieces, nephews, family friends or simply children of our own. In fact, in today’s day and age, I am sure that there are people who would be interested in buying some of the latest toys for themselves! We are not here to judge!


We all want a white Christmas, but that is not always plausible, so let’s find a way to bring snow to the children. “Floof” is essentially a lighter form of modeling clay that children can use as a pretend snow, even making their own snow-people. While it is not actual snow, it at least does not melt when you use it! It will cost around $16.99.

Original Spinner Fidget Toy

In the ongoing lists of toys that enslaved our children this year, the Fidget Spinner clearly made a presence. It seemed everywhere. It’s so simple you just have to be suspicious about it. That said, the original is going to be a fun present for kids, especially for those who don’t have one. Look, it’s better they learn it at home than on the streets. The original can go for around $19.95.

Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot

When Guardians of the Galaxy first got announced, did anyone think it would end up such a huge hit? Who would have thought the talking tree who can only introduce himself be such a fan-favorite? Well, it turned out to be so, so now Tickle-Me-Elmo has competition this year with a dancing baby Groot! With his musical tricks, this baby Groot, already a viral meme, can go for $29.84.

Zoomer Show Pony

All kids say that they want a pony for Christmas. This year, we may have the solution that won’t involve renting out a local stable. This electric pony can move and do tricks like a real pony, except you don’t actually have to spend money on actual food for it or clean up after it. This toy can go for around $79.99.

Hero Droid BB-8

Going for $230, Star Wars just seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, so who wouldn’t want their own personal droid? This one is said to be one of the more realistic Star Wars toys out there yet!

Melissa & Doug Scientist Role Play Set

What kid doesn’t secretly want to create formulas and blow things up? Chemistry sets have always been a popular toy choice, but this one is really said to be extensive, with a lab coat, goggles, name tag, beaker, test tube, petri dish, measuring spoons, experiment cards and even a hypothesis card. This set goes around for $29.99.

McFarlane Toys Rick and Morty Spaceship Construction–gGS6QpEE

In all fairness, this one is probably for the older crowd, but we all know that kids secretly wait up at night to watch things they shouldn’t. Still, who doesn’t want to act out their favorite characters? This one goes for around $52.98.

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

Why be one of the Disney Princesses when you can be all of the princesses at once, with all the empires of the world at your command! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating here, but at least there is no way you have to choose favorites. This trunk costs around $44.99.

MakeyMakey Invention Kit for Everyone

Does your kid want to be an inventor? You can help them get a step up with this kit! Reportedly, it has over a thousand activities to get your kids started on inventions, like building a working piano out of stairs or developing your own game controller. This kit goes around for $49.92.

Disney Chariot Princess Wagon

There are people who visit New York or Amish Country just so they could go for a carriage ride. Getting your kid their own miniature carriage while they are small enough to enjoy it is clearly a good investment! It is almost like a real car, with seatbelts and drink holders! This one goes for around $119.99.

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