Top 25 College Basketball Rankings 2017: Week 3 AP Poll

Although there were a couple of highly competitive ranked matchups this week, most of the ranked teams in this weeks poll were able to be victorious in games they were favored in. The only ranked team to lose to an unranked opponent this week were the Northwestern Wildcats. While the scrappy Wildcats were a great story last year when they made it to the second round of the NCAA Tournament (after having never appeared in the tournament before), they have looked less than impressive this season as they already have lost twice to Creighton and Texas A&M.

Top 25 College Basketball Rankings 2017: Week 3

The only new addition to the AP Poll this week is the Alabama Crimson Tide (25). Considering the disciplined nature and scoring ability of this Crimson Tide program, it’s no surprise that Alabama is already garnering favorable attention as being one of the many revitalized SEC teams that could make a splash come to the NCAA Tournament. While perennial contenders such as Florida and Kentucky are still rightfully considered the best teams in the conference, Alabama has the youth and talent to challenge these reputable programs and now have the recognition to back up their winning ways this season (3-0 on the season).

Ranking Team (1st place votes)
1  Duke (54)
2  Arizona (11)
3  Kansas
4  Michigan State
5  Villanova
6  Wichita State
7  Florida
8  Kentucky
9  North Carolina
10  USC
11  Miami
12  Cincinnati
13  Notre Dame
14  Minnesota
15  Xavier
16  Texas A&M
17  Gonzaga
18  Purdue
19  Louisville
20  Seton Hall
21  Saint Mary’s (CA)
22  Baylor
23  West Virginia
23  UCLA
25  Alabama

The top-ranked Duke Blue Devils received all but 11 of the first place votes and it’s safe to say that this program has garnered a tremendous amount of clout as the best team in the county as they defeated Michigan State last week. As long as this highly talented roster can remain healthy, the Blue Devils will be the team to beat throughout the entirety of the season.

Dropped from rankings: Northwestern
Others receiving votes that did not make the poll: Virginia 93, Texas Tech 81, TCU 36, Northwestern 20, Nevada 19, Providence 11, Maryland 9, Michigan 9, Texas 7, Creighton 6, Oklahoma 5, Temple 4, Oregon 4, Arkansas 3, UT Arlington 2, Belmont 1, Rhode Island 1, Stephen F. Austin 1

Week 3, College Basketball Picks 2017: Spread & Predictions
Week 3, College Basketball Picks 2017: Spread & Predictions
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