Homeless Floridian Loses Multiple Appendages While Wrestling An Alligator (True Story!)

Fredric Iman, a homeless Port Charlotte, Florida man lost two toes a finger, and a testicle after being bitten sby an alligator while bathing in a pond.

Iman, 68, said he checked the pond for alligators before entering around 10:20 AM on Monday morning. However, he did not notice the nine-foot alligator, who would eventually attack.

In typical Floridian fashion, Iman said he didn’t feel any pain from the alligator bite, despite not being on any medication or narcotics at the time.

via NBC2:

I turned around, and I know I punched it in the eye,” he said. “I tried to get it away, and it tried to pull me in.”

He told us he was bathing in the pond, something that is not unusual for him because he is homeless.

Iman managed to escape from the alligator and walked up the street to a nearby surgery center where employees called 911.

He was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital where he continues to recover. He lost his left index finger, two toes, and a testicle.

Lee Memorial will continue to treat Iman even though he cannot afford the bills. Iman, who says he’s been homeless for more than 20 years, says this was his first run-in with an alligator.

I’ve been working for COED for about over two yers now, and I gotta say, this right here is the most Florida story I’ve ever written. Fredic the homeless man punching an alligator in the eye and losing his dick in the process. Classic.

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