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Hamilton Heights Fire

Source: YouTube/Eyewitness News ABC7NY

A massive fire has been ignited through a six-story building in Hamilton Heights, requiring the need of 100 firefighters for help.

The fire broke around 3:30 PM at Broadway and West 144th St. With over 100 firefighters trying to control the situation, it appeared that wind had made the fire harder to maintain. Black smoke could reportedly be seen from the area miles away.

So far, no injuries or casualties connected to the fire are known. There is also no word on what could have caused the fire.

Hamilton Heights Fire Photos & Videos

Hamilton Heights Fire Updates

Update: According to Patch, the fire instigated a four-alarm response, which could mean around 170 firefighters could have responded to the scene. ABC News later clarified that over 170 firefighters had been on the scene.

Daily Mail later clarified that there had been over 200 firefighters on the scene, with two enduring non-life-threatening injuries. As of 5 PM, the fire had not yet been contained.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s gas related because there would have been a huge explosion,” conveyed resident Jose Tavarez, “I’m not even worried about the building itself, I’m worried about the people that live there. These things can be replaced, material things, but a human life can’t,” according to CBS. It was also later clarified that the fire was at the five-alarm level, not four.

New York Daily News also confirmed at least one person, a resident, was rushed to a local hospital with smoke inhalation. “My friend, his mom was crying she thought her kids were in there. She was having an anxiety attack,” said Nicole Manard, according to the publication, “There was fire everywhere. It looked like it was in the trees, in the scaffolding.”

According to amNewYork, it was later confirmed that the fire was under control by 9 AM Saturday, as confirmed by an FDNY spokeswoman. Seven firefighters suffered injuries, with one civilian and one police officer suffering from inhaling smoke. At least four people need hospitalization.

As this story is ongoing, more will be updated as made available.

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