Clemson Student Body Vice President Impeached For Anthem Protest

The student senate at Clemson University has voted to impeach the student government’s vice president, Jaren Stewart, who refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.
Student Senator Miller Hoffman introduced the impeachment resolution against vice president Stewart, a black student, citing alleged misconduct including accusations of trespassing, theft, voyeurism, and intimidation.
Hoffman denied that the motion was motivated by Stewart’s pledge protest or his race.
Stewart and other students sat through the pledge at a student government meeting on September 25, in solidarity with NFL players protesting police brutality and racial oppression.
via Tiger News:

Clemson Undergraduate Student Body Vice President Jaren Stewart will face an impeachment trial after a procedural error, along with an intense, three-hour senate debate. In a 40-18 secret vote during Monday’s senate meeting, senators voted in favor of holding an impeachment trial for Vice President Stewart. The trial will be held on Monday, Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. Senator Miller Hoffman filed the articles of impeachment, saying he believes Stewart is unfit to fulfill his duties in student government.
Hoffman brought up allegations made against Stewart in regards to his time as a resident assistant (RA) in April 2017. Hoffman referenced the allegations made in a document that was published online by FITSNews on Oct. 3. The document appeared to detail allegations of misconduct against Stewart. Clemson University spokesperson John Gouch was unable to confirm or deny the validity of the document.
Regarding the articles, Hoffman said that he has given the senate “all the information that I am aware of as of right now and legally allowed to delve into. This is incredibly significant as we have to come to a decision that is fair for the students here at Clemson.” Hoffman also said during the meeting that his concerns regarding Stewart have nothing to do with race nor the pledge protests that Stewart has been under fire for. A few students in the gallery implied such at Monday’s meeting.


Furthermore, Hoffman said that with the facts that he found, Stewart could be unfit for his job as CUSG VP.
Clemson’s student body is 83 percent white and 7 percent African-American.

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