Cutting Corners 101: These Are The Top 10 Easiest College Majors

Obviously, there’s no such thing as an “easy” major. Graduating college takes a lot of work and effort. That’s not getting into what is hard or easy often simply depends on the person themselves! Still, there are majors that are often classified as “easy” because of the way the class is formatted, such as focusing more on papers than exams, which we can agree on being easier to prepare for.

Easy College Majors


What are the easiest majors for the modern student?


Normally, you can’t major in education alone; you need a degree in another major to go along with it. That said, while in the course, the workload usually isn’t said to be too excessive. You also are normally required to have some hands-on experience as a student-teacher while enrolled in these programs, so it is not all exams and papers.


Similarly, a Linguistics degree is better off when paired with another degree, such as that aforementioned education or a foreign language. Still, this is the study on language, which is something we tend to use everyday.


Some people joke that history should be one of the hardest things to study, since, as things pass, more and more gets added to the history books. In reality, breakthroughs and more information are constantly added to various fields. Added to that, beyond political editing and conspiracy theories, history usually is a field that does not change in itself. While there normally are exams, a lot of history courses also focus heavily on papers.


One of the more attractive degrees, it is tempting to think that this degree will help get your foot in the door if you are looking for a job in the media. Who hasn’t secretly thought about a job in that field? Similar to linguistics, this field involves thing you use every single day: verbal and non-verbal communications.

Information Sciences (IT)

Obviously, no one is going to study the bare bones of Solitaire, but an IT degree covers a broad array of subjects. In addition, computers and automation are increasingly becoming ever more a bigger part of everyday life, so the mystique once associated with them has somewhat died down. Reportedly, IT degrees are also said to be less time-consuming than others.


By no means are we saying that becoming a doctor is easy, but there are other ways to break into the medical industry, such as with human resources or hospital operations. In that case, a bachelors degree in health can be easier to accomplish than a Masters or P.H.D. program.


All the prestige of Archaeology without having to dig up corpses, the money saved on shovels alone should make this an easier counterpart. While arguably a social science, very little scientific work is performed in this course of study. Added to that, this course is for anyone fascinated by living cultures around the world!


It probably helps if you have talent and the drive to produce your own artwork, there isn’t really much hard homework or scientific studies when working towards your art degree. Added to that, it is a bit more hands-on than art history!


Essentially, this major involves a broad generalization of many of the topics we’ve previously just discussed, including writing and culture. Also, a “humanities” degree at least slightly sounds more professional than some of the other degrees you could choose. I know I made fun of puppet-themed degrees, and I haven’t frankly given up doing just that.

Business Administration and Marketing

Look, I know what you are thinking, but hear me out. For many students in these programs, they are essentially spending their time developing mock start-ups that they hope to develop later in their lives, with no risk involved, might I add!

Miss COED of the Day: Haleigh Schroth of Jacksonville University
Miss COED of the Day: Haleigh Schroth of Jacksonville University
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