'The Disaster Artist' Proves That Seth Rogen & James Franco Are Friendship Goals

We’ve all heard of #RelationshipGoals, but Seth Rogen and James Franco have invented their own category of goals, #BromanceGoals.
This week, James Franco was one of six people in the entertainment industry being celebrated at the inaugural IndieWire Honors on November 2.
According to Indiewire, Franco’s vision as a filmmaker and actor is showcased in The Disaster Artist as well as HBO’s The Deuce. Seth Rogen, who produced “The Disaster Artist” and has been friends with Franco for years, so he shared his thoughts with IW on what its been like collaborating with Rogen, particularly on this the stoner comedy classic, Pineapple Express.
via Indiewire:

So Franco comes on board the movie and we re-connect and it’s beautiful and wonderful and all I could ever have hoped for. We start filming, and there’s a scene where me and James are smelling a big bag of weed (fucking shocker, I know) and the director cuts.
Between takes, I kind of laugh to myself, and Franco’s like “What?” and I’m like, “I just thought of a joke, but I don’t think I can say it in the movie because it’s probably too ridiculous. But I thought I would be funny if when I smelled the weed, I said it smelled like ‘God’s vagina.’ But I don’t think I can say that.” Franco smiles and then the next take starts. We smell the bag of weed and Franco goes, “It smells like God’s vagina!” The director cuts and everyone laughs heartily and showers Franco with praise. It goes on to become one of the funnier jokes in the movie, and a joke that I personally am very fond of.
So, again, the moral of the story isn’t that I came up with a joke and Franco stole it, although it feels good to get that info out there.

Just two dudes, being bros, getting high and making movies — that, my friends, is the definition of #BromanceGoals.


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