Anthony & Keri McClanahan: Full Story & Details

Former NFL player and Washington State linebacker Anthony McClanahan has been arrested as a suspect in the murder of his wife, Keri “KC” McClanahan.

Arrested as a suspect,  Anthony McClanahan has not been charged

Keri had been found Thursday in a Park City hotel with knife-caused injuries to her throat. According to Fox 13 Salt Lake,“When officers responded to that room, they found Keri McClanahan still in bed, deceased. Prosecutors in Summit County released Friday she sustained knife wounds to her throat.” Later reports confirmed that her throat wounds were Keri’s cause of death.
According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Keri’s sister, Heather Gauf, alleged incidents of domestic disputes during the marriage. As the newspaper detailed, “Since Keri and Anthony McClanahan’s marriage in January, Keri McClanahan had fled from him a couple of times…On one occasion, she returned to her home state of Washington, where her family lives, but later returned to the home she shared with Anthony McClanahan in Arizona… Recently, Keri McClanahan had ‘sought refuge’ in Utah.” Reportedly, the newspaper claimed Anthony would blame such behavior on a football injury.

Anthony McClanahan had previously been charged with the kidnapping of his son

While under arrest, at this time, Anthony has not been charged in his wife’s death and is currently being held without bail. It is also unknown if he has an attorney. According to The New York Daily News, Anthony had been charged this Friday with child kidnapping after taking his 8-year-old son from an Arizona school earlier this month without his mother’s permission, traveling through Nevada and Utah. Apprehended in Utah on October 12, he was bonded out of jail a week later.

Anthony was a linebacker at Washington State from the years 1991 to 1993, reportedly being cut by the Dallas Cowboys before being picked up for the regular season. Beforehand, both Keri and Anthony became well-known for their aid in disaster relief efforts, notably in Texas after the events of Hurricane Harvey and Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, according to Heavy.
As the case is ongoing, more information will be updated as more of the story comes out.

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