Top 20 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes This Year

Ah, Halloween. The greatest time of year for kids and adults alike. For kids, it means dressing up as your heroes, getting free candy with friends, and realizing just how powerful the crash after a sugar high can be. For adults, it’s a lot of the same, but with alcohol instead of candy, the power of the November 1st hangover, and dressing up in your most topical, sexy outfit. Or even a classic sexy outfit. You’ve got the staples; sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy comic book characters, etc. Hell, there’s even sexy crayon costumes these days.

But amongst all the different versions of sexy costumes, you’re bound to come across some that are just awful. Maybe they’re intended as jokes, but some of these are the kinds of jokes only people like Milo Yiannopoulos would laugh at. Whether it’s the cringe-worthy “Border Babe” costume that made headlines a couple weeks back, or any of the too-many college frat bros who decide blackface is the way to go for costumes.

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