#NationalCatDay: Our Feline Friends Show Whose Boss On Their Special Day

Black cats had their special day just yesterday, but that’s no reason to let the other cats feel left out, now is it? Of course not! Today is National Cat Day! Time to gather around the fireplace and retell the story of Puss in Boots!


Like all major holidays, even if you might not get presents or a day off of work, Twitter still won’t let you forget to let the cats have their day in the sun. Even if they are probably sleeping…cats love to nap in the warm light of day just as much as they love to sleep on a nice, cool night. With the hashtag #NationalCatDay, see what the world has to say about our feline friends!

I’d say it’s the perfect day to watch cat videos, but you are probably doing that already!



There’s a reason why these guys ruled Ancient Egypt!

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