'Stranger Things' Season 2 Cast: Meet All Characters of Netflix Show

Stranger Things’ second season is coming out this Friday, and while we can’t make the wait for fans any less strenuous, or shorter for that matter, we can appease your appetite with a cast gallery. Let’s not kid ourselves, people, characters guides are the reason websites like TV Tropes and Wikis exist…you just can’t get enough!

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)

Eleven’s mysterious and powerful character is brought to life by Millie Bobby Brown, who was willing to shave her head to play the character. Her sacrifice for her craft really shows what a powerhouse Brown is. I could go more into her character, but I don’t want to spoil the show for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Mike (Finn Wolfhard)

As one of the main characters, Finn Wolfhard’s character, Mike, takes it on himself and his friends to help find their missing friend, Will, using Eleven’s help.

Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo)

Unlike his character on the show, Gaten Matarazzo doesn’t always wear Dustin’s iconic hat. Regardless, with or without it, Dustin’s helped become one of the most iconic parts of the show.

Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin)

Another one of the missing Will’s friends, and one of the more pragmatic kids of the group, Lucas is brought to life by Caleb McLaughlin. Lucas is associated with red clothing on the show, but Caleb is more willing to wear a suit and tie.

Will (Noah Schnapp)

Will going missing is, of course, a major plot point of the show, but his actor, Noah Schnapp, isn’t going away anytime soon.

Joyce (Winona Ryder)

Just yesterday, we covered the life and times of Winona Ryder. Her biggest claim to fame just yet might be playing Joyce Byers, the mother of Will, on the show. Getting into the role, she once reportedly cried for 10 hours while in character, according to Vanity Fair

Will you be watching the second season?


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