What's Your guyQ Score? Find Out What Aspects Of Being A Dude You're Nailing & Failing

Our friends over at AskMen hosted a study with their guyQ test, where they asked over 21,400 men questions all about dating, grooming, style, and, everyone’s favorite buzzword, “adulting,” between September 27 and October 18. Let’s look at where today’s average man, as AskMen put it, “nailed” & “failed.”

Ladies: If your man waited a day to talk to you, it’s really him, not you.

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32% of men said they think that they need to wait at least 24 hours before contacting a girl after a date. In other words, ladies, do not worry if Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome takes his time; just blame it all on protocol. Alternatively, be upfront about your desires to Skype in-between dates.”I think a lot of guys are still stuck in the old mode, but with texting and DMing and dating apps, the idea that you have to wait to message someone you’re into is so outdated,” explained AskMen Dating Editor Alex Manley (whose in the right business with a name like that), adding “Our take is that life’s too short to play games. The sooner you figure out if there’s a real connection or not, the better.”

How much money should you spend on that special ring?


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A good quarter, 25%, of men also think they need to spend three months of their salary on an engagement ring. That said, it can probably save a man some toil if his spouse-to-be lets him know what she actually wants in a ring; diamonds might be Marilyn Monroe‘s best friends, but Ms. Monroe was one in a million. As Manley added, “Your main concerns should be figuring out what type of ring your spouse-to-be wants, and then making that work within your budget.” Besides, there are bound to be people who’d be touched to wear your dead grandmother’s ring.

Don’t share things that are not meant to be shared

Nudes, Privacy

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Another scary statistic is that 6% of men said that they thought it was alright to take a screenshot of a nude pic. Keep in mind, that 6% involved 1,288 guys. So, always remember to be careful with what you share with people online. Manley called out this behavior, saying, “Guys need to remember that if someone chooses to share something private like a nude in a way that’s set to disappear, that means they don’t want you to have a permanent copy…Trying to get around that is deeply not OK. Instead, pay them a compliment, tell them they look nice — and don’t wait 24 hours.”

There’s still some good news about the average man…

Men, Cook

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Still, we’re told that many good behaviors are the norm when it comes to today’s challenging dating world. Nearly 100% of men knew to break up in person (95%) and to cook for their dates (96%), so there’s hope for the species.

You can see the whole graph for yourself, where today’s men “nailed” & “failed”

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