WATCH: 'Crash For Cash' Scammer's Epic Fail Is Caught On Camera

One “crash for cash” scammer was caught in the act, as she hurled herself onto the hood of a taxi in Blackpool, England. Good thing the whole scene was captured on camera or that cabbie’s insurance company would probably be paying that trickster through the nose. The cabbie even claims to have been accosted by the scammer’s male companion, who ran up to the window of the cab, shouting, screaming, and even threatning to kill the driver. Unfortunately, that part of the story wasn’t caught on camera (or at least it wasn’t released to the internet).
The scheme went down this past Sunday in Blackpool, Lancashire. In the video, the woman is seen sprinting before turning 90 degrees and hurling herself at the stationary car. Therefore, the car didn’t her, she hit the car. This scammer also left a hole on the plastic charge door connected to the car’s hood, which will likely cost the cabbie’s company £500 to fix. After throwing herself on the vehicle, the woman fell to the floor and played dead while another driver simply avoided her by veering around the scammer playing oppossum.
The cabbie said, “Other drivers must have thought it looked that obviously fake that they just went round her as well. If it was real, somebody would have stopped – but no-one stopped to help. The whole incident is just unbelievable.”
Take a look for yourself and see if you think she’s a scammer too…

Here’s how the cabbie remembered the incident, “From what I can remember she didn’t really try and jump on it she just dived straight at the car. It was like it happened in slow motion. I just thought ‘what an idiot’ – I knew straight away what was happening. She was trying to get a claim from a big and respectable company. I was stopped at the traffic lights when I saw them both running across the road. She then started doubling back and heading for me.”
“What an idiot” is right.
Premier Cabs driver Christopher Stewart, 33, claimed that the scammer’s male companion ran up to him, yelling and screaming. The guy told the cabbie, “I’m going to kill you.” But the cabbie said he wasn’t scared. “I was a boxer in the army so wasn’t that worried about the bloke who ran at me but the incident did put me off. After I reported it to the office I finished for the night as I didn’t want to go back out.”
Stewart said, “Nothing like this has happened to me before. Sometimes people get a bit lairy, that’s a usual Saturday night, but this is something else.”
A Lancashire Police spokesman said, “We have had a report of this vehicle crime and we are investigating a fraud-related offence.”

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