Robert Herjavec Net Worth 2021: How Much is Robert Herjavec Worth Now?

Apart from being one of the judges on the popular reality show Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec is also the founder of “The Herjavec Group,” Canada’s fasted growing technology group. He is also an author and car racing enthusiast.

Robert Herjavec’s Net Worth as of 2019: $200 Million

Herjavec contributes most of his earnings to his technology group that has grossed over $500 million in sales over the past decade. The Canadian entrepreneur also earns about $30,000 per episode of Shark Tank. Herjavec’s annual salary comes in at just under $1,000,000.


Herjavec was born in Croatia in 1962 to a poor family. At eight years old, his parents relocated to Canada, successfully escaping the communist regime. For a little over a year, the family lived in a friend’s basement as they struggled to find success in their new home.
After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in English Literature and political science, Herjavec went on to hold jobs as a newspaper deliveryman and waiter. This was out of a nessecity to support his family financially.


Some of his other early jobs consisted of working behind the camera on films like “The Return of Billy Jack.” His first venture into technology began when he became an employee at “Logicquest;” a start-up computer company that he would eventually become general manager of.
A few years after this he started his own technology company out of his basement known as “BRAK Systems.” This became Canada’s top provider of Internet Security which would eventually be bought from Herjavec by “AT&T” for $100 million.


Herjavec took a break from his work to become a stay-at-home father and take care of his three children. However, this was only for a brief period of time. When returned to the business world, he founded “The Herjavec Group” where he served as CEO. The company would go on to make $400k in 2003. By 2012, this had increased to over $125 million. The company would become Canada’s largest IT Security Provider.
Between 2012 and 2013, he published two best-sellers “Driven: How to Succeed in Business and Life” and “The Will to Win: Leading, Competing, Succeeding.” Both books discuss his keys to success and happiness, based on his own personal experiences.
Apart from his work, he is also an avid fan of car racing and marathon running. He has completed two marathons in his life, as well as the “Ferrari Challenge” in Florida where he won the “Rookie of the Year” award.


Herjavec currently works as a judge on a panel consisting of other successful entrepreneurs in the ABC show “Shark Tank.” On the show, they give platforms to aspiring inventors where they get the chance to display their products and ideas. His work as a television personality does not end here as he is also been featured in both the American and Candian versions of a similar type of show known as “Dragon’s Den.”


Shark Tank investor and Canadian businessman, Robert Herjavee will be on the lookout for the right start-up idea to make it big with his investment.


Robert Herjavec was yelled at by guest judge Bethenny Frankel in ‘Shark Tank’ and she called him a copycat.

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