LIVE STREAM: Uranus Stream: How to Watch Uranus Opposition Online

Better known as the laughingstock of our Solar System, Uranus will be visible with the naked eye tonight, October 19.
The seventh planet of the solar system, named after the Greek sky god Ouranos, will be a mere 2.7 billion kilometers away from Earth — compared to 3.2 billion kilometers at its furthest — and will appear as a green-blue sphere in the night sky in the Pisces constellation.
Beginning it’s point of opposition — when the ice giant sits directly opposite of the sun — on October 18, Uranus will continue to be in plain view tonight. This will be the highest Uranus has been in the sky since 1963, and will carry a brightness magnitude of 5.7. To compare, the sun has a brightness magnitude of -26.72.
Getting a clear view of Uranus will be aided by the new moon, which will be nonexistent in the night sky. That will not be the case next year, however, as Uranus’ opposition on January 23, 2018 will be overwhelmed by the brightness the scheduled full moon.
For those wanting a better look of the planet, you can leave your telescopes at home. Binoculars should do the trick to catch a crisp, clear view.
National Geographic suggests heading out right after sundown to catch the best glimpse of Uranus. In addition, both Mars and Venus will be visible tonight in the pre-dawn sky.

Uranus Opposition 2017 Stream Viewing Details

Date: Thursday, October 19, 2017
Time: 6:00 P.M. EST

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