Gord Downie Net Worth 2019: How Much Is Gord Downie Worth Now?

Canadian musician Gord Downie passed away today at the age of 53. Downie is famously known as the lead singer and lyricist for The Tragically Hip. He’s spent more than thirty years in the music industry, leaving behind many great songs and a whole lot of money.

Let’s see how much moolah this Canadian rockstar has earned for himself….

Gord Downie Net Worth 2019: Between $10 Million- $11 Million

Most sources write off Gord Downie’s net worth as $10 Million. And source ranks his net worth even higher, with a figure of $11 million. Either way, that’s a large chunk of change. He began his music career in 1983 and played with The Tragically Hip up until his death on October 18, 2017. Downie has a lead a long fulfilling life. Let’s take a look at some of his accomplishments…

1983 – Present

Gord first met the members of The Tragically Hip while attending high school. The band officially formed in 1983, originating from Kingston, Ontario. The collective consisted of lead singer Gord Downie (R.I.P.), guitarist Paul Langlois, guitarist Rob Baker, bassist Gord Sinclair, and drummer Johnny Fay. They have released 14 studio albums, two live albums, one EP, and 54 singles. Nine of their albums have reached No. 1 on the Canadian charts.

In 2001, he broke off on his own, releasing five solo albums: Coke Machine Glow (2001), Battle of the Nudes (2003), The Grand Bounce (2010), And the Conquering Sun with The Sadies (2014) and Secret Path (2016).

While apart of The Tragically Hip, Gord and his bandmates received numerous Canadian music awards, including 16 Juno Awards.

On May 24, 2016, Gord was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. While receiving treatment for brain cancer, Gord still toured with his other band Man Machine Poem Tour.

He passed away on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

Statement – https://t.co/vOTvlJ2jqA pic.twitter.com/Z6dHmr1xpM

— The Tragically Hip (@thehipdotcom) October 18, 2017

The Downie family released a statement via The Tragically Hip Twitter:

Last night Gord quietly passed away with his beloved children and family close by.

Gord knew this day was coming – his response was to spend this precious time as he always had – making music, making memories and expressing deep gratitude to his family and friends for a life well lived, often sealing it with a kiss … on the lips.

Gord said he had lived many lives. As a musician, he lived “the life” for over 30 years, lucky to do most of it with his high school buddies. At home, he worked just as tirelessly at being a good father, son, brother, husband, and friend. No one worked harder on every part of their life than Gord. No one.

We would like to thank all the kind folks at KGH and Sunnybrook, Gord’s bandmates, management team, friends, and fans. Thank you for all the help and support over the past two years.

Thank you, everyone, for all the respect, admiration and love you have given Gord throughout the years — those tender offerings touched his heart and he takes them with him now as he walks among the stars.

Love you forever Gord.

The Downie Family.


After the death of Singer, Gord Downie in October last year, his push for a better Canada has been remembered and made him Canada’s Newsmaker of the Year for two consecutive years.


On the eve of Feb 6th what would have been Downie’s 55th birthday, people across Canada celebrate the life of Gord Downie and his legacy.

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