#StupidQuestionsForNBA: Must-See NBA’s Opening Day Tweets

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Is there something you always wanted to ask professional basketball players? Were afraid it was a stupid question, in spite of that old adage? Well, do we have news for you! A new hashtag has been growing on Twitter, #StupidQuestionsForNBA, allowing people to ask the questions you always wanted answers to. For instance, why do they call it “basketball,” if the thing you throw it into is called a “hoop?”And do the balls have to be orange? Or when will they finally get around to make another Space Jam? More to the point, where did this all come from?

It appears that the whole thing is meant to help celebrate NBA’s Opening Day, and comes from Open Mic Rejects. That said, a lot of people are having their fun with this!

No, seriously, when is the next ‘Space Jam’ coming out?

I mean, reporters have been doing this for years, why don’t we all get into the act?

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