Work Travel: Top 10 States With the Best Commute Times

Most of our stories are aimed at a college-aged audience. Some of you are working while in college. Others are making plans on how they’ll follow a path to the career once they graduate. When it comes to getting a job, there are three words you should remember: location, location and location. It goes without saying that if you want a job in a certain field, you need to live in a place where those jobs are available. Something you might not consider right now is that a long commute is something you might want to avoid in your future work. While for some, a long commute will have to be a price to pay, if you are lucky, you might have some choice in the matter. U.S. News has made a list of the 10 states with the lowest average commute time.

Let’s just say New York and Chicago are not on the list!

10. Utah

Average Work Commute: 21.3 minutes

9. Idaho

Average Work Commute: 20.5 minutes

8. Alaska

Average Work Commute: 19.2 minutes

7. Iowa

Average Work Commute: 19 minutes

6. Wyoming

Average Work Commute: 19 minutes

5. Kansas

Average Work Commute: 19 minutes

4. Nebraska

Average Work Commute: 18.4 minutes

3. Montana

Average Work Commute: 18 minutes

2. South Dakota

Average Work Commute: 16.9 minutes

1. North Dakota

Average Work Commute: 16.6 minutes

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