The 'Reflex' Is The Future Of Commuter Transportation–See It Here

Forget the grind of getting to class or work in the morning–the future of transportation is now. Unlike those gimmick-type scooter or electric skateboard that seem to come out every month, I can say that the Alva Rides Reflex is here to stay. You may recognize this type of e-bike as the one that Casey Neistadt reviewed recently, but the Reflex is better (and cheaper).
We’ve been kicking around the Alva Rides Reflex since the company’s founder, Doug Kaufman, dropped one of at our office a few weeks ago. You can check out COED’s impromptu Facebook Live video here (Part 1 | Part 2).
I for one enjoy the Reflex because it’s a ton of fun to ride it around, and I see that other commuters are curious about it. Seeing the look on people’s faces as I carve though streets of NYC is priceless. Thankfully the Reflex also cuts some time off my commute because as soon as I fold it up, people ask me questions about it. How does it charge? With a two-prong plug. Where is the engine? I don’t know. Is it scary to ride? No. Where can I get one? Kickstarter.

In those Facebook Live videos above, you can see an example of a pedestrian asking questions within less than a minute of us being out on the streets with the Reflex.
Keep in mind that I’m 6’3″ and 225 (on a light day) and that I don’t have any issues riding around the city. I’m a big Citi Bike guy, so I know my way around the bike lanes, but when my legs are tired I just take this puppy out. I know that some part of me enjoys it for the novelty, but you’re crazy if you think that the Reflex isn’t going to be popping up more and more.
I compare it to getting an iPhone (or the Samsung Galaxy) for the first time. Once I got my first one, I was hooked. This is the direction that the world is moving.
The Alva Rides Reflex gets up to 16 MPH in seconds, and takes me a week before I need to charge it. I got 17 miles on one 3.5 hour charge. The Reflex has a mode to go at a walking speed if you’re hanging out with your friends who don’t have one. It also fits right in the back of an Uber if I end up out late.
It’s rare we find a new gadget that actually serves a real purpose and delivers on something you didn’t know you needed. Forget the “hoverboard,” this is actually a way to arrive in style and refreshed. You heard it here first, I expect to see everyone using these soon. The future is now.


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