WATCH: This Dude Break A Guinness World Record By Carrying The Most Beer Steins Across Over 40 Meters

How much beer do you think you can carry over 40 meters (more than 131 feet)? Probably not as much the “Pride of Germany” Michael Sturm, who was able to walk over 40 meters with 26 full beer steins being held up by a combination of his arms, hands, and proper balance. Sturm showed up at the Oktoberfest in Brahma Extra São Paulo, Brazil, and walked out with a Guinness World Record to his name.
Sturm’s special talent is sure to entertain any barfly he comes across. Here’s a look at his record-breaking feat. The dude carries a sh*t-load of beer and leaves the event with his name officially in the record books…–9_p74

Here are the rules for this Guinness World Record: The participant must cross the finish line with at least 90% of the beer that he/she started with. This allows for the contestant to spill up to 10% of liquid. I imagine it’s near impossible not to get a little wet when carrying that much beer across such a lengthy distance (which is over 131 feet long). Sturm passed all requirements and earned himself a world record.
Before Sturm set the Guinness World Record for most beer steins, he attempted to go with 28 beer steins. Sturm ended dropping a beer, which shattered glass everywhere, and ended up cutting his knee. He slapped a bandage on that bad-boy and tried again with 26 steins. Sturm’s second attempt proved successful.
Congratulations, mate!

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