Liam Neeson Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Liam Worth Now?

Liam Neeson has appeared in multiple movies that have gained global prominence and his roles have helped him gain fame and fortune. He’s enjoyed many box office hits, many of which were for his exceptional acting in the Taken series.
His enigmatic roles in Schindlers’ List, Michael Collins, and Star Wars: Episode 1 made him one of the most promising actors of this time. He gained significant popularity when he took the lead role in Taken. Two more sequels followed it, and this series established his name in the halls of Hollywood.

Liam Neeson’s estimated net worth as of 2018: $85 million

More endearing roles resulted to more projects for Liam. His unforgettable portrayal in Schindlers’ List confirmed Liam’s acting abilities. His movie portfolio includes The Grey, Non-Stop, Unknown, and Run All Night.
The highest payment that Liam received was from the Taken 3. He got $5 million for the first Taken movie and $15 million for the second installment of the Taken series.

1952 – 1986

Liam Neeson was born on June 7, 1952, in Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. When he was young, Liam was fascinated with acting. At age 11, his passion for acting materialized when his drama teacher gave him the lead role in a school play. He continued to pursue acting when he was in high school. Afterwards, he took a different turn when he studied at Queen’s University Belfast and took up computer science. He also took menial jobs, including working at a Guinness brewery, but his love for acting remained strong.
It was in 1976 that he enlisted in the Lyric Theatre in Belfast and later moved to Dublin where the famous Abbey Theatre is located. In 1978, Liam had his breakthrough. His first film debut was Pilgrim’s Progress. By the year 1981, he had another opportunity to showcase his acting prowess. He appeared in Excalibur and his character was Gawain.

2000 – 2014

Establishing himself as a versatile actor, Liam continued to pursue his dream. Taking on lead and supporting roles, his strong characters resonated with audiences all over the globe. In 2004, he starred in Kinsey, followed by other films such as Wrath of the Titans, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lego Movie, and A Monster Calls. He also bagged the lead role for the A-Team, an action movie with Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley.

2015 – Present

Moreover, Liam Neeson’s countless movies released between the years 2000 to 2014 include the Taken trilogy, Batman Begins, Clash of Titans, Kingdom of Heaven, and Battleship. Although some of his movies did not bode well at the box office, his other films grossed $5.7 billion. Neeson himself took home millions in profits.
His most recent movie was Mark Felt. When he is not busy filming, Liam Neeson enjoys the comfort of his home along with this family. The actor lives in his New York in a luxury home set on 16 acres of land.

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