Is Facebook Down Right Now?

Thousands of Facebook users across the globe are complaining of a “total blackout,” and many aren’t able to access the site on their desktop computers or mobile phones.
A total blackout indicates that the site either isn’t able to load or users aren’t able to sign into their Facebook accounts.
Users of Facebook have been left in the dark with different error messages signifying that can’t access the social media paradise.
Independent website Down Detector measures social mentions pertaining to a certain topic to track outages across the globe. This site is showing that over 12,000 people have reported issues with their account today, first beginning at 8:20 A.M. EST.
Parts of the UK and US are experencing trouble when it comes to Facebook blackouts.
One Facebook fan posted a message online, telling the internet he/she was faced with the message, “Facebook will be back soon” while trying to access the social media giant.

Where can I check to see if Facebook is back up?

Curious to see if Facebook is back up and running? According to, Facebook is currently working. However, the web site also reports that some users are still reporting problems with their Facebook.
The website reports Facebook’s current status as “likely service interruption.”

Where did the Facebook blackouts happen?

Down Detector
According to this map provided by Down Detector, Facebook blackouts hit the United States and the United Kingdom hard. Outrages appear to have also been reported throughout areas in Europe, as well as areas in South America, Russia, Sri Lanka, and more.
Here’s a closer look of where the Facebook blackouts occurred:
Down Detector
This story is developing, please check back as more info is made available…

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