SMU Fraternities: Must-See List of SMU Frats

A Dallas fraternity has been shut down over accusations they forced pledges to eat hot peppers and milk until they were sick and wear vomit-covered clothes.
The Beta Lambda chapter of Kappa Alpha Order Southern Methodist University has been shut down amid accusations of hazing incidents, such as forcing pledges to eat hot peppers, drink milk, and wear vomit-covered clothes. Kappa Alpha Order is also accused of paddling its members.
According to a letter sent out by SMU, the university’s Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards conducted an investigation after it received reports of hazing during the spring 2017 semester. The school’s investigation also found evidence that the chapter forced pledges to consume alcohol and act as their “slaves” (reminder: pledges are allowed to quit, slaves aren’t)
SMU investigators also found evidence that the fraternity forced pledges to participate in calisthenics, deprived them of sleep and made them eat foods such as jalapenos, habaneros, red onions and milk until they vomited.
via Dallas News:

“Kappa Alpha Order has suspended our chapter at Southern Methodist University, in cooperation with SMU administration, due to violations of our risk management policies,” said Jesse S. Lyons of the fraternity’s national organization in a written statement. “We have an agreement with SMU to return to campus in 2021.”
The chapter can no longer host events at its house in the 3000 block of SMU Boulevard, and all belongings must be removed by 3 p.m. Saturday, SMU said in the letter. Sophomores living in the house will be reassigned space in the residence halls.
The chapter will be allowed to recruit upper-class students beginning in the fall 2021 semester, and first-year students in the spring 2022 semester, the university stated.

This is not the first time this fraternity has been in trouble, as it was suspended in 2009 for serving alcohol to minors.

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