Harrison Ford & Ryan Gosling Drink Whiskey & Giggle Like Children In Truly Hilarious Interview

All these years, the rap about Harrison Ford has been that he’s an old, grumpy curmudgeon. Little did we know all he needed was a jolly British television host to break him down.

Appearing on This Morning, the British version of a Today Show-esque morning variety show, Ford and Gosling sat down with absolute riot Alison Hammond to discuss their upcoming sci-fi hit Blade Runner 2049. At least they tried to discuss it, as the interview immediately went off the rails as Hammond admits that she’s never even seen the original Blade Runner.

From there, it’s just one of those interviews where no one can stop laughing. We’ve all been there as kids — when you and your friend can’t stop giggling — this is one of those moments, and its all thanks to Allison Hammond’s genuine humor, honesty, and warmth.

I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want to have a conversation with this woman?  Just look at the reaction she got out of Harrison Ford, I don’t the dude has smiled like that since 1984.

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