How To Play NCAA On NBA 2K18: Full Roster & Guide

NBA 2K18 will allow you to play with your favorite NCAA players. Once you peep the how-to-guide, you’ll be out playing with the Bruins or the Blue Devils or whoever. College ball won’t be left in the dust this video game season.
SB Nation uncovered an NBA 2K18 tutorial from YouTube user SkillzFromThe6 showing 2K gamers the way to bring the fun of NCAA to the cyber-arenas of the NBA. What’s cool about tutorial is that you won’t need any befuddling modifications or troubleshooting. Just listen to the video and you’ll be able to play some college ball in the NBA 2K18.

First, you’ll need to start a MyLeague dynasty, and then select “Upload custom roster”. You’ll need to search SkillazKill as the username and upload College Roster 2K18.
The whole process will take about 30 minutes for you to get your NCAA players. But you’ll have access to 30 different teams.
If you want to each brand with their corresponding college program, go to “Team Relocation” tab, select “Upload/Download team design”.

Here’s the Full Roster of NCAA Teams

>Atlantic Division: Florida Gators (Knicks), Missouri Tigers (Nets), Louisville Cardinals (Celtics), Duke Blue Devils (76ers), North Carolina Tar Heels (Raptors)
Central Division: Miami Hurricanes (Bulls), Virginia Tech Hokies (Cavaliers), Seton Hall Pirates (Pistons), Villanova Wildcats (Pacers), Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Bucks)
>Southeast Division: Alabama Crimson Tide (Hawks), Kentucky Wildcats (Hornets), Texas A&M Aggies (Wizards), Cincinnati Bearcats (Heat), UCONN Huskies (Magic)

Northwest Division: Indiana Hoosiers (Nuggets), Maryland Terrapins (Timberwolves), Minnesota Golden Gophers (Thunder), Michigan State Spartans (Jazz), Wisconsin Badgers (Trail Blazers)

Pacific Division: Arizona Wildcats (Clippers), USC Trojans (Warriors), Wichita State Shockers (Suns), UCLA Bruins (Lakers), Gonzaga Bulldogs (Kings)

>Southwest Division: Texas Longhorns (Spurs), Baylor Bears (Pelicans), Kansas Jayhawks (Mavericks), West Virginia Mountaineers (Grizzlies), Oklahoma Sooners (Rockets)

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