Penn State Fraternity Suspended After Student Hospitalized From Drinking

Penn State University has suspended one of the school’s Delta Tau Delta chapter after a drinking incident left one student hospitalized.
According to PSU spokeswoman Lisa Powers, the Office of Student council is investigating Delta Tau Delta’s possible involvement in the hospitalization. The chapter has been placed on interim suspension while the school conducts its investigation.
On September 28, State College police say they found an unidentified 18-year-old male student unconscious on a university street. The Office of Student Conduct is also investigating if the minor student was supplied alcohol at Delta Tau Delta and if that led to his condition.
via State College:

State College police found the student, an 18-year old male, unconscious on Calder Way on Thursday, Sept. 28. No other information on the student’s identity or specific injuries have been released, but Powers said that he is currently in recovery.
“The potential involvement of Delta Tau Delta is very disturbing news, given all of the recent efforts and education that have gone into emphasizing student safety,” said Damon Sims, Vice President of Student Affairs. “None of us can be tolerant of organizations or individuals who value access to alcohol above student welfare. We’ll see where our investigation of this incident leads.”
In addition to the fraternity, the Office of Student Conduct is currently investigating whether individual students furnished alcohol to minors that contributed to the student’s injuries and condition.

This incident comes at a tumultuous time at Penn State, as all Pennsylvania State University fraternities are under a social ban following the tragic death of student Timothy Piazza of New Jersey, who fell down the stairs at Beta Theta Pi in February after an alcohol-related hazing ritual.
Powers says the unnamed student is currently recovering.

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