TVape Is By Far The Best Vape & Grinder Maker In The Game

The future of the marijuana is now, as it seems as though a new technology for weed smoking is coming out every day.

But one of the leading methods in 2017 is a vaporizer: an odor-free, mess-free, but most importantly, smoke-free option. The only problem is that because the marijuana industry is growing exponentially, there are thousands of products flooding the market, making it hard to figure out which product is the best.

Well, luckily for you, I’m here to make that decision for you, and TVape is easily the best brand on the market right now. If you’re serious about you’re vaporizer game, then TVape is the choice for you.

I had the opportunity to try out the Arizer Solo 2, and it’s one of the cleanest products I’ve ever used. Coming in a sleek, portable, light-weight Carbon Black body, the Arizer Solo 2 is everything you want out of a vape.


An upgrade of the tremendous Arizer Solo, the Solo 2 features a new LED screen, precise temperature control, and nearly three hours of battery life to go with its fantastic vapor flavor. This is the next evolution in fine vaporizing comfort.

In addition to the Arizer Solo 2, the TVape guys sent me over a Zeus Bolt Grinder, another piece of paraphernalia art. As I guy who has used (and broken) a lot of grinders in my day, the Zeus Bolt is easily the best looking and most function grinder I’ve ever owned.


For more awesome TVape products, check out their store over at Trust us — it’ll change your pot game for the better.

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