Confederate Flag Posters Found In Four American University Buildings

Ten Confederate flag posters were found in four American University buildings on the night of Tuesday, September 26.

According to The Eagle, American University’s school newspaper, the racist fliers were found in the Battelle-Tompkins building, the McKinley building, and in the Mary Graydon Center on the same night a presentation was being held by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, the professor who founded the school’s new Antiracist Research and Policy Center.

Furthermore, The Eagle said they discovered a flier in the basement of the Kogod School of Business.


via The Eagle:

The fliers were pinned to bulletin boards with cotton stalks taped to them. The posters also had the phrases “Huzzah for Dixie” in large letters and “I wish I was in the Land of Cotton” in smaller font. The back of the fliers had the words “D.C. Counter Resistance” inscribed above a logo of two white ovals over a black background. DCist reported that fliers bearing the same name and logo were discovered near Takoma in August.

The incident occurred on the same night that Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, a new professor who founded the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at AU, gave a presentation about his plans for the center.

“We are well aware this act occurred the same evening Dr. Ibram Kendi presented ‘A Vision for Equality,’ an introduction to the Antiracist Research and Policy Center,” Aw said in a statement. “AU is committed to the vision of the Center and Dr. Kendi’s work and we will not be deterred by this cowardly attempt at intimidation.”

Dr. Kendi, a new professor who founded the school’s Antiracist Research and Policy Center, posted a message to Twitter for American University students, particularly students of color and Jewish students, telling them not to “let these terrorists slow you down, fear you down.”

10 confederate posters w/cotton were hung tonight @AmericanU. Here is my note to our students.

— Ibram X. Kendi (@DrIbram) September 27, 2017

This is not the first time a racial incident has happened at American University, as a philanthropy event was canceled to due “cultural appropriation” in April, and bananas were found hanging from nooses back in May.

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