Chance The Rapper Debuted A Fire New Track On "The Late Show"

Vintage Chance right here: a slow, singing-rap build up to a crescendo of choir and wind instruments.
Nobody, and I mean nobody, has had a better 2 year run than Chance the Rapper. Back in 2015, I saw Chance perform at a shitty little gym at Rutgers Univerisity, and now the people of Chicago are legitimately urging the 24-year-old rapper to run for Mayor. Throw in a platinum album, a couple of Grammy’s, and some kick-ass philanthropy in Chicago, and you have an artist that’s currently on a rocket ship to the moon right now.

And since you’re here, you may as well peep Chance’s interview with Colbert.

Don’t sleep on Chance to drop his fourth album in early 2018.

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