WATCH: James Comey Speech At Howard University Interrupted By Student Protesters

Former FBI Director James Comey‘s speech at Howard University was interrupted by student protesters on Friday. Comey was there to give the keynote address at the university’s convocation ceremony, but he was immediately met by a widespread, vocal protest from members of the crowd.
Comey approached the podium and was instantly met by a throng of angry voices as a group of Howard University students stood united and chanted phrases, sang songs, and held up signs. Some of the phrases were “Get out James Comey, get out of our home,” “We are here to reclaim this space,” “Black lives matter here,” and “No justice, no peace.”

The former FBI Director requested that the crowd “hear him yet,” yet stood quietly for 15 minutes as the voices continued to reject him. Comey eventually decided to talk over the students, claiming that he appreciates the students enthusiasm. However, he pressed upon the seriousness of his message that shouldn’t be shouted down.
Comey said, “I am here at Howard to try to get smarter, to try to be useful, to try and have healthy conversations,” he said, adding that the school is a place where people listen and learn from other viewpoints unlike most places in the world. Instead, what happens in most of the world and about four rows of this auditorium, is that people don’t listen at all, they just try to think about what rebuttal they’re going to offer when you speak.”
Howard University was created back on March 2, 1867. It is a historically black university located in Washington D.C., recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as a research university. The college contains a little over 10,000 students.
Back in August, Howard University announced that James Comey would give the key note speech at their convocation ceremony, and act as their special lecturer. According to NBC News, Comey has agreed to give five speeches and donate his $100,000 compensation for a scholarship fund that looks to assist students from foster homes.
“Howard has a longstanding history of being a vibrant academic community and the perfect place to have rich dialogue on many of the most pressing issues we face today,” Comey said in an August statement. “I look forward to contributing to this remarkable institution and engaging students and faculty alike.”
Here is more videos from the student-led protest of James Comey’s speech…

Comey carries on with the speech despite the crowd’s protest…

Here’s a view from the crowd…
Students raised their fists in the air, symbolizing the black power hand symbol…

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