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AP Top 25 College Football Rankings 2017: Week 4 AP Poll


After another unpredictable weekend slate of adrenaline-fueled college football affairs, the AP Top 25 for this week has seen several pretenders fall out of the rankings while several newcomers have risen to deserved notoriety and will look to make a name for themselves in the coming weeks.

AP Top 25 College Football Rankings 2017: Week 4

This week, we saw the top-10 fluctuate slightly with Clemson switching spots with Oklahoma and Penn State swapping sports with USC most notably. However, the rest of the rankings have proven particularly volatile with Mississippi State going unranked to 17th in the country while UCLA and Stanford were knocked out of the rankings after losing both of their matchups on Saturday.

Ranking Team (1st place votes)
1  Alabama (45)
2  Clemson (15)
3  Oklahoma (1)
4  Penn St.
5  USC
6  Oklahoma St.
7  Washington
8  Michigan
9  Wisconsin
10  Ohio State
11  Georgia
12  Florida St.
13  Virginia Tech
14  Miami
15  Auburn
16  TCU
17  Mississippi St.
18  Washington St.
19  Louisville
20  Florida
21  USF
22  San Diego St.
23  Utah
24  Oregon
25  LSU

After moving up one spot, Clemson is now squarely behind Alabama in the AP Poll rankings, which should make the Crimson Tide slightly nervous that their top spot could be in jeopardy in future polls.


Dropped From Rankings: Kansas St., Stanford, Tennessee, UCLA
Those receiving votes that did not make the poll: West Virginia 114, Colorado 93, Maryland 84, Vanderbilt 83, Notre Dame 57, Memphis 21, California 19, Stanford 16, Kentucky 11, Duke 10, Kansas State 10, Tennessee 6, Texas Tech 4, Iowa 2, Wake Forest 2, Michigan State 1, Houston 1


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