Philosophy Professor Using Harry Potter To Teach Lessons

Harry Potter is just one of those things that most millennials will always love. Harry Potter, American Pie, Spongebob — all those.
No matter how old we get, we will always turn on a Harry Potter movie when its airing on ABC Family.
Now, while I was far from a perfect college student (actually, far from a good one), I think that has less to do with my work ethic and more to do with my lack of Harry Potter-related classes. If I had more teachers like this one, who fuses Harry Potter lore with Aristotle, I would have probably had a 4.0 (doubtful).
St. Cloud State University professor Carolyn Hartz is applying for Aristotle’s work on friendship to character relationships in J.K. Rowling’s books about the boy wizard, the St. Cloud Times reported. The class discusses ethics, logic, love, the human soul and nature while examining the stories.

“These are fundamental human concerns,” Hartz said. “Philosophy is, in my view, critical thinking about fundamental areas of human concern.”


“This class really solidified how much I love thinking about hard problems and questions with hard answers,” said one student.

Even cooler yet, Hartz has considered teaching philosophy through other pieces of pop culture, such as video games or the HBO series Game Of Thrones.

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