Fantasy Football Ranking: Top 10 Best Quarterbacks In 2017

Fantasy football has been a part of American sports for years. Year after year NFL fans gathers together to see who is the best imaginary general manager. One huge portion of any fantasy football team is the quarterback’s play on the field. This makes it extremely difficult to pick which one will play the best for your team. Fantasy Football is a game revolving around statistics. It is difficult to draft based on who will play well during the season versus their individual skill level. For example, in order for a quarterback to post fantasy points, they need to make plays for their team. The only way a quarterback can make plays for his team are by throwing the ball to a receiver or use the blocking of the offensive line and run. The production of the quarterback is reliant on his skill as well as the skill level of his teammates. Durability also is a major factor. That’s why Andrew Luck is not on this list, unfortunately. Who should you pick for your starting quarterback?

10. Philip Rivers

Team: San Diego Chargers
Philip Rivers is still one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the league. Last year, he scored 33 touchdowns for the season while starting in 16 games. Rivers also averaged the 7th most fantasy points last year with 32.4. However, he does have his cons. The biggest one is Rivers’ age and questioning how long he can sustain decent play. At the same time, if it is late in the draft and you are in need of a quarterback, Philip Rivers is a viable choice.

9. Dak Prescott

Team: Dallas Cowboys
I don’t think you understand. I have very high hopes for the Dallas Cowboys, in general, this year. Last year their star running back (Ezekiel Eliot) and quarterback (Dak Prescott) had a record-breaking season. Plus, they were both in their rookie season. Dak Prescott now will have NFL experience under his belt and is ready to showcase his “true” talent. Last year, Prescott averaged 31.4 fantasy points per game, 12th highest in the league. The only downside to drafting Dak Prescott is having Ezekiel Eliot on the team. In red zone plays, the Cowboys would consider running the football as oppose to throwing. With having the zippy running back that is Ezekiel Elliot on the team, Prescott will lose opportunities to score touchdowns himself and score fantasy points. This may undermine his fantasy numbers. At the same time, he is a great pick if you find yourself in the late draft without a quarterback.

8. Eli Manning

Team: New York Giants
Another team I (skeptically) have a legit amount of hope for are the New York Giants, especially on the offensive end. With the tag team of Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham Jr, Eli Manning will have targets throughout the entire game. The reason I am reluctant to declare him a top 10 fantasy football quarterback is for one simple reason, we never know what we will get from Eli Manning. Eli Manning playing well is amazing. Eli Manning playing bad is embarrassing to watch. However, he is very durable. Eli Manning has played in 199 consecutive games. Last year, Manning was 18th in the league in fantasy points per game with 29.1. The main question is how will he play? Will he be the great Eli Manning or the terrible Eli Manning?

7. Andy Dalton

Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Andy Dalton had a great season last year. Averaging 31.7 fantasy points per game, he hopes to play even better this upcoming season. With A.J. Green still on the team, Dalton is given a reliable target to hit in games. He scored 18 touchdowns last year and had a QBR rating of a 91.8. Not only does he score, he is also very efficient and only had 8 interceptions. I see Dalton being a quarterback that would be good for a person who likes to draft that position later.

6. Derek Carr

Team: Oakland Raiders
I owe Derek Carr a huge apology. His first and second years, I doubted him while the Oakland Raiders were struggling. He has made me eat my words last year. Not only did he propel his team to the playoffs, he did it in a statistical onslaught. For the 15 games he started, he scored 28 touchdowns and won 12 games. Unfortunately, due to an injury, he was unable to play the last game of the season and for the entirety of the postseason. Carr was 10th in the league in fantasy points with 31.5 per game. Carr is a mid-round quarterback; however, may be slept on and left for the later rounds. If so, grab him!

5. Russell Wilson

Team: Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson has been a little sporadic over the years. Certain moments during the season last year, it was clear that he was struggling. However, when he is on fire, he is unstoppable. Wilson was 8th in the league in fantasy points per game with 32.3. However, I feel this year he will be even better. If running yards for quarterbacks are extra points, Russell Wilson is a great choice. Outside of Andrew Luck (who is injury prone), Russell Wilson is the best quarterback on their feet. With Marshawn Lynch moving to the Oakland Raiders, Wilson will have more running opportunities in the red zone. Rushing touchdowns sound good for your team? If so, he may be your targeted quarterback this year. Look for him to have a great season.

Team: Atlanta Falcons
Matty Ice! Even though he completely crumbled in the Super Bowl against the Patriots, fantasy football doesn’t care. What matters is the regular season, and last year Ryan was sensational. Matt Ryan was second in the league in fantasy points per game with 40.3. In 16 games, Matt Ryan had 38 touchdowns. That is absolutely absurd for the 9 year veteran. However, I don’t see anything slowing Matty Ice down. One slight obstacle is the difficult schedule the Atlanta Falcons were handed this year. At the same time, I do believe with Dan Quinn as the Head Coach and Steve Sarkisian as offensive coordinator, Matt Ryan will have another spectacular year.

3. Drew Brees

Team: New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees made this list as a safety pick. But there is a huge asterisk on Brees’ name. It is hard to predict how well he will do. One thing about Drew Brees is he will score touchdowns. Last year in 16 games, he scored 37 touchdowns. This is the reason why Brees lead the league in fantasy points with 40.5 per game. However, I am unsure about how he will be this year. I do believe he will score touchdowns in bunches because, its Drew Brees. However, I am concerned about fumbles and interceptions. Rarely is he consistent taking care of the ball. Last year he had 15 interceptions for the season. While I do believe Brees is a great quarterback for your team, there are 2 options I would rather have.

2. Tom Brady

Team: New England Patriots
This hurts me to say as a New York Giants fan but, the New England Patriots look great! Not because they added superstar talent, but for the simple fact that Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck won the Super Bowl last year without their top target, Rob Gronkowski. But now, they have their star tight end. Even though Julian Edlemen went down with a season-ending injury (ACL), I have 0 disbelief in the Patriots. Year in and year out they find ways to adjust to injury. Tom Brady was 17th in the league in fantasy points with 29.4. This year I think that will sky rocket with Gronkowski on the team. I wouldn’t take Tom Brady in a fantasy draft because as a Giants fan, I would never want to root for Brady. However, he is still a pick that you should consider.

1. Aaron Rodgers

Team: Green Bay Packers
As Stephen A. Smith says. “He’s a Ba-aaad Man!” And indeed he is. When the Green Bay Packers were struggling in the beginning of the season last year, Aaron Rodgers remained calms and stated “We can sweep the table.” They almost did when they feel short to the Atlanta Falcons. Aaron was 3rd in the league in fantasy points with 40.1 per game. This man in a throwing machine. With Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson on the team, they look to be dynamic and learn from their mistakes last year. I don’t know about the sports world, but I have a feeling Aaron will have a break/record-breaking season. Its a gut feeling, but a strong one.

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