Best iPhone 8 Cases: Top 5 Best iPhone 8 Cases You Can Buy Today

You managed to snag a pre-order for either a shiny new iPhone 8 or an iPhone 8 Plus, now comes the question of what is going to keep her safe. From the ever reliable Otterbox to the rustic and rugged Nomad leather cases, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite iPhone 8/8 Plus cases to help protect your newest iPhone from life’s unavoidable mishaps.
Check out our picks for the best iPhone 8/8 Plus cases:

Best iPhone 8/8 Plus Cases

1. Apple Leather Case – $45.00


Protect your new iPhone 8/8 Plus with Apple‘s official leather case. The lightweight and durable case will keep your new iPhone looking brand new for months to come.

Buy the Apple Leather Case on Apple

2. Caseology Parallax Series – $24.99


This stylish and sleek case from Caseology comes with dual-layer protection and shock absorbing materials to ensure that your iPhone 8/8 Plus withstands your daily use.

Buy the Caseology Parallax Series on Amazon

3. Otterbox Pursuit for iPhone 8/8 Plus


Otterbox’s legendary iPhone protection comes to the latest iPhones and the pursuit series matches style and durability for one great case!

Buy the Otterbox Pursuit Series Case on Otterbox

4. Nomad Leather Case


Nomad’s unique leather cases make their way to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Protect your phone with some rugged style touches with this great case!

Buy the Nomad Leather Case for iPhone 8/8 Plus on Nomad

5. Speck Presidio Clear Case


Speck’s cases have been around the iPhone game for quite some time now. With legendary two layer protection, this clear case will accentuate Apple’s signature touches while providing full protection!

Buy the Speck Presidio Case on Speck

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