Andy Dalton Got Absolutely Roasted Last Night

While no one has ever confused Andy Dalton for Peyton Manning, the former Pro Bowl quarterback has looked like a shell of his former self at the start of this 2017 season.

Through 2 games, the Bengals offense has not been able to score a single touchdown, mustering just 9 points over 8 quarters of football.

Dalton isn’t the only problem, though, as the Bengals rushing offense has yet to get going as well.

Either way, Dalton is the easiest target and will likely be the main scapegoat for whats shaping up to be a poor season in Cincinnati, so Twitter started piling on the former TCU quarterback early and often.

Damn Andy Dalton took the time out of his day to crowd surfing on game day!

— Bill (@SportsLiLBills) September 15, 2017

Andy Dalton looked pretty solid tonight

— Zach Harper (@talkhoops) September 15, 2017

Andy Dalton heads off the field after another failed 3rd down conversion

— Not Robert Griffin (@Pseudo_RGIII) September 15, 2017

The "I paid $300 to watch Andy Dalton complete 47% of his passes" face

— Laces Out (@LacesOutShow) September 15, 2017

Andy Dalton right now…

— Crying Jordan (@CryingJordan) September 15, 2017

Dalton's final completion against the Texans during his Cincy career

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 15, 2017

Andy Dalton's 5 favorite play calls:

1. Heave it up to AJ Green
2. INT
3. Incomplete pass to AJ Green
4. Pass to the grass
5. Take Sack

— NOTSportsCenter (@NOTSportsCenter) September 15, 2017

Dalton already in playoff form

— Chris Hassel (@Hassel_Chris) September 15, 2017


— Rebecca Toback (@Rebecca_Toback) September 15, 2017

1st team eliminated from the playoffs:

The Bengals

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 15, 2017

1.) Fire Zamp
2.) Bill Lazor interim OC
3.) Fire Lewis
4.) Guenther interim HC
5.) Struggle through 17
6.) Hire new HC (Todd Hayley?)


— Braden Whited (@BradenWhited) September 15, 2017


7.) Release Dalton
8.) Scout every QB ever
9.) Buy all the linemen
10.) Send Bodine into outer space
11.) Draft QB
12.) ???
13.) Profit

— Braden Whited (@BradenWhited) September 15, 2017

We have a feeling it’s going to be quite the long season in Cincinnati.

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