Lil Dicky, AKA Firm Handshake, Released A 7-Track EP With His Brain Alter Ego

How can you not love Lil Dicky? Only LD could take what seems like a two-bit gimmick and flesh it out into an entire 7-track EP.
Back in 2015, Lil Dicky dropped his debut studio album “Professional Rapper” and on it was this song “Pillow Talk”, which would eventually become one of the album’s singles. Dicky wasn’t alone on the track though, as it featured a rapper called “Brain”.
Except, Brain isn’t a rapper at all — it’s just LD’s subconscious in cartoon form:

And now it appears as though Brain is going “solo”, as he (it?) has dropped his (it’s?) own 7-track EP.
Yet another example of Lil Dicky’s ingenuity in the ever bland rap landscape. With the mumble-tone Xanax rap currently dominating the airwaves (Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, etc), it’s always refreshing when Lil Dicky pops up with something far more creative and musically capable than anything today’s top rappers are producing.
Brain gotta poop.

Stream Lil Dicky & Brain “I’m Brain”

Lil Dicky’s new EP “I’m Brain” is available to stream on Spotify.
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