WATCH: Guy Flawlessly Nails Numerous Different Accents, But Still Manages To Keep It PC

This bloke has a real knack for imitating accents. His friends rapidly throw out country after country, and this guy quickly imitates the accent in the region. His mates yell out nations such as Australia, South Africa, Italy, Spain, and many more. And this cat flawless picks up the accent and perfectly portrays how many people in these regions speak the English language.

Alright. Alright. Alright. I know you’ve seen the headline by now. You may be asking yourself, “Hey…how does this guy and his blokes make this a PC-friendly experience?”

Welp, if you haven’t noticed, no one threw out countries such as “Mexico, Jamaica, India” or “China.” Imagine the reactions to this video if the people over at Football Road Trips decided to push the envelope in that regard. His pals chose the places that seemed “fair game” when poking fun of how people sound when speaking English. Of course, these blokes don’t want the dreaded “R-word” attached to their good names. “South Africa” and “Spanish” may be the only ones that could be considered “iffy.” But hey, those guys over there in South Africa sound pretty damn British. And this lad keeps it in Spain.

How can they say this “guy” can “nail every accent” when he leaves out so many darn accents from all around the world, particularly in continents like Asia, South and Central America, and much of Africa? The entire Middle East is left out too.

Click on the video and hear for yourself. This mate is officially the new king of accents. Some people are even claiming that this guy’s take on the Dutch/South African accents is the most on-point imitation they’ve ever heard regarding those two specific nations. Listen for yourself and you decide…

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