Frank Vincent Cause Of Death: How Did ‘The Sopranos’ Actor Die?

Frank Vincent, best-known for his roles in mafia films, has passed on Wednesday at the age of 78. He starred in a few high-profile Martin Scorsese films, and played Tony’s nemesis onĀ The Sopranos. Last week, Vincent suffered a heart attack. He underwent open-heart surgery on Wednesday and died later on that day.

Vincent is notorious for his tough-guy roles. He told Joe Pesci to “get his f*cking shine-box” in The Goodfellas, but got whacked soon after (in the movie). Billy Batts wasn’t afraid of anyone in The Goodfellas and paid for his words big time by a hot-headed psychopath with a Napoleon-complex.

He also played Phil Leotardo, who is essentially Tony Sopranos worst enemy on the HBO hit show The Sopranos.

The actor has also appeared in Raging Bull, Casino, and Do the Right Thing.

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