Conor McGregor Is Using Instagram To Teach People About The World's Most Expensive Yacht

Unless you’re a massive boat enthusiast, ship captain or Russian oligarch, you’ve probably never heard of Sailing Yacht A. But now that Conor McGregor has literally told people to Google it, we have a feeling that the average person is about to become a little more curious about the world’s most expensive sailing yacht.
Sailing Yacht A is a sail-assisted motor yacht built in Kiel by Nobiskrug for Andrey Melnichenko and is the most expensive sailing yacht in the world.
The yacht’s propulsion consists of a variable-speed hybrid power plant with two lineshaft controllable-pitch propellers that is sail-assisted by a three-mast fore-and-aft sailing rig.
According to Daily Mail, Sailing Yacht A was seen with its sails up for the first time in May 2017.

However, despite the astounding cost and impressive dimensions, our favorite part is its name, Sailing Yacht A, showing how little f*cks Andrey Melnichenko truly gives.

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