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Conor McGregor Is Getting Sued For That Energy Drink He Threw At Nate Diaz


(Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Remember this?

via The Blast:

Well as it turns out, some lucky entrepreneurial fellow was hit (or claims to have been hit) by one of McGregor’s flying Monster Energy cans, and he’s decided to sue. For how much you ask? Just a cool $95,000, that’s all.

Maybe more hilarious than the lawsuit itself is how the plaintiff, William Pegg, calculated the $95,000 he feels he’s owed: by counting the number of times McGregor was punched by Diaz.

According to a lawsuit obtained by The Blast, William Pegg was at the press conference for McGregor’s fight with Nate Diaz on August 17, 2016 at the Copperfield Theater in Las Vegas.

As fight fans know, that presser became infamous when Diaz stormed out and the two began throwing water bottles at each other. You can see in the video above, at one point, McGregor grabs a can of what appears to be Monster energy drink off the table and throws it at Diaz.

In his lawsuit, Pegg claims he was hit in the back by the can, near his left shoulder. He says he incurred medical expenses totaling just under $5,000 as a result. Pegg is seeking damages and believes he’s entitled to at least $95,000. How did he arrive at that number, you ask?

Pegg claims in the lawsuit that Conor McGregor made $15,000,000 from his fight with Diaz, during which he was “significantly” struck by Diaz 166 times. So … $15,000,000 divided by 166 is about $90,000 (the extra $5k comes from the medical expenses).

According to The Blast, McGregor’s lawyers have filed a response denying any responsibility, which is peculiar, consider there is literal video evidence of him hurling Monster Energy cans like a primate slinging its own feces.

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