PUBG Destroys Steam Charts & Breaks Records



After passing ten million copies of the game sold, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) continues to be on a roll! Today (September 8th, 2017), PUBG has surpassed one million players on Steam briefly overtaking Dota 2! This feat seems astonishing being that the game is currently still in early access and isn’t even complete yet but PUBG has been hooking players in its frantic and chaotic world.

According to Steam’s official game stats, the game still currently sits at number one with “Today’s Peak” being 1,028,540 players all vying for their “chicken dinner”.


With PUBG continuing to smash records each day it seems like there will be no stopping this game until it becomes the number one game on Steam of all time,which is still currently in the hands of Dota 2. According to, Dota 2’s overall concurrent players is 1,291,328… not that far off from PUBG’s current numbers. All PUBG needs is about another 200,000 players online at the same time to beat that record, and it’s looking like that day is soon coming.

With PUBG set to hit the Xbox One later this fall (via Xbox’s Game Preview) and still sitting pretty at Number 1 on the Steam store, the game is not far off from becoming a cultural phenomenal akin to Overwatch.

PUBG is also set to release new content next week, including a new weapon, a foggy weather condition, first-person perspective leaderboards and various bug fixes. Still in the works is the new Desert map that Bluehole and Brendan Greene have been teasing for a while. It seems that map may still be far from release.


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