The Rock Met The Boy Who Saved His Brother Using A Technique He Learned In The Rock's Movie

Only The Rock, am I right? You think a kid is going to learn life-saving techniques from a Johnny Depp movie? F*ck no! Only Dwayne Johnson can subconsciously teach kids what to do in an emergency through the medium of film. The power to osmosis knowledge into the masses through a screen will certainly come in handy when he’s running for President.
Taking time out of his famously busy schedule (literally the hardest working dude in show business) the Rock met with 10-year-old Jacob O’Connor.
O’Connor, who is from Detroit, made headlines in July when saved his two-year-old brother Dylan from drowning. Jacon he walked into his back ard to find his brother Dylan face down in the swimming pool. Jacob then used emergency care that he learned from The Rock’s character in San Andreas. Like I said, only The Rock.

via ABC News:

On Tuesday, the actor shared photos and a video of himself with 10-year-old Jacob O’Connor, a Michigan boy who rescued his younger brother from drowning using techniques he learned from the Johnson’s film, “San Andreas.”
Johnson invited Jacob; his mother, Christa O’Connor; and his brother Gavin to visit him on a Vancouver movie set, where he treated them to a table full of chocolate and other sweets.
Last month ABC affiliate WXYZ in Detroit reported that on July 25, Jacob gave chest compressions to his 2-year-old brother, Dylan, who had fallen into his grandmother’s pool. The child told the TV station that he knew what to do after watching Johnson’s character in “San Andreas” help a drowning person.

All in all, this is just further proof that Johnson is not only the leader we deserve, but the one we need right now.
I am SO ready to live in The Rock’s Americal

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