'Rick And Morty' Creator Justin Roiland Trolls Joel Osteen’s Mega-Church With A Very Schwifty Prank Call









Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland trolled the heck out of a prayer receptionist working for Joel Osteen’s mega-church. Osteen got a lot of internet/meme heat when he decided to deny Hurricane Harvey survivors from taking shelter in his huge 17,000-seat church. The lord giveth and Joel Osteen tells you to go the other way. Osteen said that the reason why he didn’t let anyone in Houston seek shelter in his mega-church is because he feared that it would become flooded. The famed televangelist condemned all the “misinformation” framing him in a negative light. Osteen urges Hurricane Harvey survivors to not have a “poor old me mentality.”
What to do when you want to seem sympathetic to flood victims and also make fun of a televangelist who didn’t help them? You should probably ask Rick and Morty inventor Justin Roiland. He called up the prayer hotline with his signature Rick Sanchez voice. And let’s just say he wasn’t looking for Mulan schezwan sauce this time.
Rick Sanchez was looking for Joel Osteen. He wanted to send a prayer out to Osteen. But all he received was this receptionist who began speaking in tongues mid-way through the conversation. Rick wasn’t sure if this was a prayer line or a call about pralines, a type of nut (quite fitting actually).
Sanchez wanted to give Osteen over $83,000. The fictional scientist also wanted to know why the millionaire televangelist didn’t open up his church to any of the flood victims, maybe he didn’t them getting his fancy carpet dirty. The receptionist just tells him to “call back tomorrow” and continues speaking in tongues.
By the end of the call, Rick Sanchez has the receptionist cracking up. It’s a schwifty good time!


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