WATCH: G-Eazy Performs Intimate Show For Bud Light Dive Bar Tour With Cardi B + Halsey

Rapper G-Eazy is a household name, so these days the Bay Area-native pretty much only plays huge venues. But thanks to the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour series, G-Eazy played a super intimate show in New Orleans at the infamous Blue Nile. Fans in attendance (like ourselves) were able to catch the amazing show, enjoy some complimentary Bud Lights, and be treated to special guests Cardi B and Halsey.
For those of you living under a rock, Cardi B is the Bronx rapper whose song “Bodak Yellow” is killing the airwaves right now. The former stripper turned musician entered last night’s show to “No Limit,” a she performs with G-Eazy on his upcoming album The Beautiful & Damned. She then turned up for a rendition of “Bodak Yellow,” which obviously was a huge hit. I know a few people in this office who would have paid some good money to have gone to the show just for her appearance, but obviously there was more to come. G-Eazy went on to premiere new tracks, “Bone Marrow” and “Good Life” before Halsey took the stage to perform “Now or Never” and “Me, Myself and I” with New Orleans-based brass ensemble the Soul Rebels.

If you weren’t able to catch the Facebook Live performance on Bud Light’s Facebook page, you can head over there now and enjoy the hour-long stream.

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