Sacramento Ramada Inn Officer Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Details

Three police officers were shot at a Ramada Inn on Wednesday in Sacramento, California. The shooting occurred off of the Capital City Freeway on the 2600 block of Auburn Boulevard near the Ramada Inn at noon.

Update (8/30/17; 4:57 P.M.): Three suspects have been apprehended by police. One suspect is reportedly injured.

BREAKING: 3 suspects in custody after officer involved shooting, one of those suspects was injured @FOX40

— Pedro Rivera (@PedroRiveraTV) August 30, 2017

Update (8/30/17; 4:36 P.M.): The three officers are still alive. Two officers are with the California Highway Patrol, while the other is employed with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, the CHP confirmed to KCRA.

Soon after the shooting, a helicopter flew overhead the scene informing residents to “lock their doors, stay inside and report any suspicious activity.”

Several streets are currently being blocked off by Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies, probation officers, Sacramento police officers and California Highway Patrol officers.

At the time of the shooting, it was believed only one officer was shot. The condition of the officer has not yet been released to the public at that time.

An officer has been shot at the Ramada Inn on Auburn Boulevard. The condition of the officer is unknown, per Sac County Sheriff's Dept.

— CBS Sacramento CBS13 (@CBSSacramento) August 30, 2017

Multiple law enforcement agencies and news crews have arrived on the scene.


— Cris T. (@cris_t) August 30, 2017

The crime scene is still active. A massive amount of law enforcement is responding to the shooting.

Massive police activity on Fulton Avenue. Officer down.

— Mike Luery (@KCRALuery) August 30, 2017

Witnesses report hearing multiple shots in the area, according to KCRA. Meanwhile, El Camino High School and Arcade Middle School have been given a shelter-in-place order.

What Happened?

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Tony Turnbull said that all three of the injured officers were apart of a task force to investigate a stolen vehicle case. This missing vehicle was discovered in the parking lot of the Ramada Inn.

Police went on a car chase with two female suspects, as they attempted to recover the stolen vehicle. Both suspects were arrested in suburban Elk Grove,. However, authorities returned to the Ramada Inn to investigate some more.

When officers knocked on the door of one of the rooms, a male suspect opened fire on them with a “high-powered rifle,” which injured two California Highway Patrol officers.

The suspect ran out on the balcony and exchanged fire with sheriff’s deputies, consequently injuring another officer. After that, the man led police on a brief chase. But he was injured after another exchange of gun fire and taken into custody.

Dozens of police cars along with armed forces have surrounded the Ramada Inn where the shooting originally transpired. They believe that two more possibly armed suspects are holed up in the hotel.

Jeff Marshall lives near the Ramada and reported hearing multiple gun shots. He says that he heard 12 gun shots and tires squealing. He reported seeing a grey Dodge Charger speed by his home, traveling down the opposite direction on a busy road.

Marshall said, “It was like the wild West.”

This a breaking new story and is developing by the minute. Stick around and refresh the page for more updates…

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