Matthew Stafford Explains The Weird Accessory He Wears 24/7 and His Favorite New Doritos Flavor

Today, Matthew Stafford just became the highest-paid NFL Player in the history of the sport. Stafford just signed a deal with the Detroit Lions for $135 million over 5-years, an average of $27 million a year. Wow. Without even getting into the whole “is Stafford worth it” discussion, that’s a ton of money for anybody.
So imagine our surprise when we learned from this Doritos interview that Matt is the kind of dude who wears a rubber band on his left wrist 24/7. Obviously Stafford wasn’t poor before this contract, but it makes us wonder if he’s going to at least upgrade to a Live Strong or something.
Speaking of Doritos, we were lucky enough to have a metric butt-ton of the new Doritos Blazin Buffalo Mix sent to our office this past weekend for our awesome Mayweather vs McGregor Watch Party. They were a total hit. The Blazin Buffalo Mix is an awesome combination of Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch, Chipotle, Cool Ranch and Blue Cheese chips mashed up into one bag. These are literally the Big 4 of bags of chips.
Even better is that with football season right around the corner, fans who buy bags of Blazin Buffalo Mix are eligible to win some awesome prizes through Doritos. The promotion is called “Call the Play” and fans who buy the XXL bags have the chance to try and guess Matt Stafford’s next play. You can learn more about “Call the Play” at

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