Republican Student Group At SDSU Demands Muslim Student Association Condemn Barcelona Attacks

A Republican student association at San Diego State University is facing backlash for sending a letter demanding Muslim students condemn last week’s terror attacks in Barcelona.

The Republican Club at San Diego State University wrote to the Muslim Student Association, claiming that the campus community could not move forward creating ‘an inclusive environment for all students’ until radical terrorism was “disavowed”.

The letter said if no condemnation was forthcoming, the leaders of the student group should be forced to resign.

via The College Fix:

The letter, signed by SDSU College Republicans Chairman Brandon Jones, stated in part that “until radical Islamic terrorism is disavowed by the Muslim Student Organization at SDSU, we cannot move forward in creating an inclusive environment for all students on campus.” It added the Muslim Student Association’s leadership should resign if they do not disavow Islamic terrorism.

The national Muslim Student Association expressed support for the San Diego State chapter for “their solidarity, strength and perseverance in the face of ignorance and hate.”

The Young Democratic Socialists of SDSU responded by declaring: “We condemn the San Diego State College Republicans’ disgraceful statement towards the SDSU Muslim Student Association and the SDSU Muslim community. Retract and apologize now.”

The Transfronterizo Alliance Student Organization, which describes itself as working to create an “inclusive campus environment for SDSU students who live a transborder lifestyle,” joined the chorus.

Letter to the SDSU Muslim Student Association

Posted by San Diego State College Republicans on Thursday, August 17, 2017

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