Madden 18: Gameplay Modes, Longshot & Must-See Preview

The Madden franchise returns this year for its 29TH(!!!) installment of the series with, Madden NFL 18. Developer EA Sports is laying all their cards on the table with this new installment and with the way things are panning out, this looks to be the best Madden yet.
With new gameplay modes, added online features, amazing graphics and a first for the series, fully acted and “choose your own adventure” type of story mode. All these new features are reinventing the Madden series to make Madden NFL 18 not only the the best football game ever but also the best sports game ever.
Jump on in to see what’s new in Madden NFL 18:

Utilizing the power and ferocity of Electronic Arts’ own Frostbite engine, EA Sports was able to craft together the most lifelike football game to date. The engine allows the game to have NFL players and Stadiums that look so real that you almost have to do a double take. Plus, the game has 4K support for PS4 Pro with no update required so you can get every pixel’s worth of detail on the field right out of the box.

Gameplay Modes

After 28 previous games in the series, Madden has practically perfected “the realistic football video game” and Madden NFL 18 looks like it will be the most definitive version of the game yet.
With three new play styles to choose from in Madden NFL 18, EA Sports has made it easy for players of all different skill levels to come and join the game.

  • Arcade: Perfect for the player looking for a quick, casual game of Madden where points and spectacular matter more than penalties. Players are meant to feel like the “most important player on the field” in this mode.
  • Simulation: The authentic Madden playing experience that stays true to Player/Team ratings as well as NFL rules. Meant to deliver a true football experience for fans where anything is possible, “simulation mode” is only for those who are looking for a real football game.
  • Competitive: Penalties and injuries are limited in this extreme game play modes where no random outcomes can happen. Extreme skill and expertise in football is the only thing keeping your opponent away from that touchdown.

Online Play

EA Sports has announced that Madden NFL 18 will feature live weekly roster that will be constantly updated to resemble the real world football season. This way, die-hard fans can relive this upcoming season their way!
Also making its debut in Madden NFL 18 are MUT Squads, a new way to use the Madden Ultimate Team in 3 vs. 3 online matches. Use your collected players from Ultimate Team and use them with your two other friends to play another team of three on the field.
Online matchmaking and competitive play will also be making its return in Madden NFL 18.


Forgoing a “traditional” Madden career mode, EA Sports tried to do something special by making the Madden series’ first official story mode, “Longshot”. Telling the story of Devin Wade, a former five star high school quarter back, who returns to the game after three years for one last shot at hearing his name called for the NFL Draft.

Featuring a stand out cast, including Moonlight‘s Mahershala Ali and Friday Nights Lights‘ Scott Porter, in fully motion captured CGI, “Longshot” redefines everything we thought we know about the Madden series. Featuring a “choose your own adventure” style of game play, players can lead Devin through the story with choices that do hold an effect on how others see Devin in the world and his stats on the field. Your choices will either lead Devin to fame and fortune or to become a national disgrace.

With all the things shaking up the Madden franchise this year, it seems this is the perfect time to be a hardcore football video game fan. No matter if you rep the Giants or the Cowboys, it has never been better to be a football fan with this new iteration of Madden.

Madden 18 Release Date: When Does It Come Out?

Madden NFL 18 releases September 25th, 2017 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
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